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Hyd-mech 18a Band Saw

Provides Accuracy in Cuts in the Thousands including Stainless Steel   Wheatland Steel Processing, Wheatland, Pa., has recently acquired a Hyd-Mech 18A Horizontal dual post saw, providing accurate 90 degree metal cutting from 1/8 inch angle iron to 18 inch stainless steel billets. The H-18A cuts fast, with its high speed shuttle feed indexing up to 34 inch in a single movement. Its standard split front vise delivers a short material remnant length, reducing material waste. Featuring an 18" x 18" capacity, 10 HP motor, and 1 ½ inch blade, the H-18A is ideal for horizontal metal cutting applications. 

With the Hyd-Mech 18A, we are able to cut bundles up to an 18 inch diameter or square and any length a customer needs. “We offer cutting services of pipe or shapes to customers requiring accuracy and close tolerance.” Examples include angle iron stacked bundles, pipe, tubing and steel, which can be trimmed front and back. The Hyd-Mech saw can hold +/- (plus/minus) .002 for every inch of cut, height and width. It can hold a +/- (plus/minus) of .010 on the length.

No other company can do so much in one place.

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